Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lol the above pictures really has nothing to do with anything, but it made my day hahhaha:) hahah I love countdowns, so here are a few, cause I'm a creeper who enjoys them:)
Only 9 days till Appleblossom festival
17 days till the Beach!:)
Only 33 days till Jeff turns 25, and I turn 18=D
38 days till I graduate at Christendom:) woohoo

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sent in my NET Ministries Application today...woot woot:)

The wheels on the trailer go round and round

On Saturday, Natalie, Dad, and I took April to get her annual vaccines and Coggins Test. It was dad's first time driving our pony in the trailer, so we were all a little nervous, but she was such a good girl about loading onto the trailer, and dad turned out to be quite the pony chauffeur, that we all were able to relax, and enjoy the trip together:) April was a little jumpy when the Vet first tried to give her the shots, but he was very gentle with her, and by the time he drew the blood for the coggins test, she didn't even flinch!!!

April has been a little below the weather after having her vaccinations, just as any human would be, but she had a play date with the neighbor's pony all day, and I think the company was a great comfort for her spirit:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's finally spring again, and the flowers are starting to bloom in the yard (as well as everywhere else:) and the whole family keeps being reminded of Grandma V. because she was so good at gardening, and did quite a bit in the yard while she lived with us. I bet heaven looks better than it ever has with an angel like Grandma taking care of God's gardens:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”-Albert Einstein

Natalie is a golden example of this saying put to action, she has done exceedingly well in the Interscholastic Equitation Association this year and in response to that, has qualified to compete both in the over fences and under saddle classes at Zone 3 Finals, which will be held in Maryland and will be made up of all the top point earners for the 2010, with a chance to qualify for nationals:) GOOO Natalie!!!

Pass on the Pills

After reading an article on Attention deficit disorder I almost laughed, what a joke...the "symptoms" of ADD, are in my opinion what you call "Kids", yes I know parenting is such a bear, but I still will never agree with toning down a child's creativity and creating a little drone, because teachers, or parents just can't stand the child's interest and hyper behavior. A smart child may be hard to handle, but that is the parent's job, not a prescription's. Okay, here are the symptoms of ADD, moderate-to-severe distractibility, short attention span, hyperactivity, emotional lability, and impulsively. SERIOUSLY, I think everyone may possess a little ADD according to these standards. As for the behavior side effects of this "horrible disease", the cure for that would be a swift kick to the ass by a parent. No therapy, or drugs,just good old discipline people. Diagnosing a child with ADD just gives them a crutch and makes them a victim of their actions.

I highly suggest reading this article on possible ill side effects of mind altering drugs in children such as Prozac and Ritalin

will work for money

It came to my mind last night, as I did by daily count of my thirty-seven remaining pennies, that I need a job;-) I haven't been working (for money at least) since September 2009, and I miss it!!
At my last job I would go around noon where duties included cleaning stalls, rebedding them, feed the horses, groom any of them that would need to be ridden, turn out or bring in from fields as needed, redo a tack room that always happened to look like a tornado had just hit it, load the horse trailer for shows, go pick up grain from the feed store, helps with mare and foal everyday life, and I also was very happy to get the chance to help with some medical issues that not too many owners choose to pay for treatment and try. In the fall, there was a race horse who actually broken his femur, which is a VERY difficult injury in a horse, because if not treated perfectly, the horse may develop a disease called (laminitis) in the legs and hooves that had been the "healthy" ones!!We also dealt with a pony that had to receive I.V therapy for limes disease for a month, whose picture is below, you can see that a horse has to have the IV stitched on, and even still a few times he managed to take it off! Even though I didn't make too much at that job, it was a great experience just shadowing my boss through out the day, as her greatest concern was the well being of equines.

Another Job I have done for the last four summers has been camp counseling. All of the camps have lasted about 5-6 weeks per summer, and it was a 8-1 job Monday-Friday:) I'm not sure if I will counsel this summer though, as it does not produce much income for the amount of effort and liability you take on by being solely responsible for a group of children. The worst part about working at a camp, was spending the whole day teaching other people's children, and not getting to help out with Julianne's lessons, like the one below!!

...but yes, I officially am looking for another job, since I have only one hundred dollars in savings, and thirty seven pennies in cash=) you can view my work ad at